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The Mission of Kwanda Art Foundation

Knowledge seeks to establish a solid knowledge-base for all members and interested artists in the field of visual multi-media and performance art.


To assist artists of the Rwanda Art Community to be respected and recognized professionals, nationally and internationally.


To support the Rwanda Art Community and to develop artists into more knowledgable and more educated professionals.


To establish a common platform for cooperation and exchange. Galleries, busineses, sponsors and industry get in contact with the contemporary art in Rwanda.


To create art and promotion activities of the Rwanda Art Community: Exhibitions, Festivals, Art-Weeks, Workshops, Art Talks, …

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To establish partnerships with institutions and artists – nationally and internationally.

The Team

Jacques Nkinzingabo

Jacques is one of the first internationally renowned photographers and artist in Rwanda.Jacques became interested in photography in 2009. He turned professional in 2013, specializing in documentary photography.

His photography artwork focuses on cultural diversity, migration , memories and identity issues . Nkinzingabo wants to tell a different story about Rwanda and discover untold stories around the world giving voice to the voiceless with his pictures.

Falk Kagelmacher


Falk is an internationally educated Architect and Designer. He received degrees from the University of Braunschweig, Germany, the Hong Kong University and from the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.

He has spent nearly 14 years in China. For more than 6 years, he worked for the China Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. His focus at the Ministry was on urban development and the human scale within. He believes, after all, cities should be built for people.

Currently, he lives and works in Germany. He travels around the world, for projects. He focusses on the documentation of the human living environment.

The Partners

GIZ – German Development Cooperation                                                Goethe Institute Kigali
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