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Photo Workshop : Visual Storytelling Feb 2016

  We had our First Photography Workshop in Kigali. Supported by Goethe Institute with Jean Luc Dushime as a trainer. We had 8 participants, who had a very good time. It was a great Workshop, with lot's of learing and great fun. The results of the Workshop will be shown in an upcoming exhibition at the Goethe Institute soon...

Number-2 Photo Tour with Street-Kids

  Next Day, we had another tour through the neighbourhood by day…again we went with a handfull of exited kids, who wanted to learn and engage in photography... We started in the morning and ended in late afternoon in Jacques house. There we discussed the pics which the kids were shooting during the day.

first photo-tour with street-kids

  We had our first tour / workshop with street-kids in Kigali... Jacques introduced me to some of th estreet-kids in Kigali. We met them in the night, and we walked with them through the city. We shared our camersa with them and let them take pictures of their neighbourhood. After the shooting, we went to a small cantine and talked about the images, what they wanted to show, and how they could improve with composition and such. And we shared some food with them... We realized, that this is a project for us to do. So we started learning4change, which is an ongoing project with and for the street-kids.  

arriving in Kigali

  Arriving Kigali - I arrived in Kigali for my Photography Exhibition at the Goethe Institute. It is a great place to be...


  End-of-2015 comes to life. During our project in Kigali in November and December 2015, we, Jacques and me, we decided to start a Organisation. We are aiming to built a platform for artists in Rwanda. Start is a photography project with street-kids. learning4change | the platform for art in rwanda